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Minimum Order Quantity

We help you create your own supplements brand with a minimum order quantity of 500 to 1000 bottles



We own over 15 years of experience as a dietary supplement contract manufacturer in India in the form of Capsules, Powder, Effervescent Tablets, Syrup


Private Label Services

We have a full-fledged brand-building solution, including graphic designing, R&D team, Manufacturing unit, Organic Land.



We provide fullproof Quality Analysis of customized formulation and also offers certification for Dietary supplements of your Own Brand

Dietary Supplement Manufacturers from India

In the United States, dietary supplements meaning is that it is a Daily lifestyle food. It can be minerals, vitamins, herbs, or other plants to enhance your lifestyle.

In this modern world, People are using herbs to prevent various health issues before it arrives. Herbs fulfill daily health needs such as relieving constipation, easing pain, reducing weight, enhancing energy, etc.

What is best than having Herbs in Daily Dietary Supplement Form!!!

Keeping this in mind, the leading herbal supplements manufacturer from India come up with Herbal Dietary Supplement for Daily Wellness.

Create Your Own Supplements with Best Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Contract Manufacturing Service

We are one of the trusted Herbal Product Contract Manufacturers in India. With the experienced R&D team, QA team & Modern Manufacturing Unit, your dream formulation comes to reality. Contact Us for Customised Formulation.


Private Labeling Service

Herbal Hills is a leading Herbal Product Manufacturers & Offers a great Private Labelling service in India. You can choose amongst 350+ Private Labeling products and Get the choicest products Customised under your OWN BRAND NAME. Contact Us for Best Quote & Quality Products.


Build Your Brand with Us Leading Herbal Product Private Label Manufacturers

A logo & Brand Label is an important reflection of your business. It Describes your business in just one glance. We believe in minute detailing & market analysis before creating any Private Label.
Thus, Herbal Hills has an experienced & creative in-house Label Designing Team. Our professional designers are held to the highest industry standards and are keen to create a perfect Logo & Label for your Brand.

  • Our Designs Make your product stand out in the market.
  • Our labels are based on Colour Scheme Science
  • It gives Clear direction of How to use it
  • Easy to Read font makes it Eye-cathing
  • Choose Our Private Labelling Service Today!

Herbal Product Private Label Manufacturers

New Product Launch - Now Available for Private Labeling Under your Brand

If you have any questions or need additional information, please get in touch with us!

Herbal Product Manufacturers

Certifications You Can Rely On The desired certification assures the customer that these private label products are manufactured in the pristine environment and are quality products.

Private Labeling Service & Third Party Contract Manufacturing Service

Herbal Hills : Leading Herbal Products Exporter Herbal Product Manufacturer in India

Herbal Hills is one of the trusted and leading Herbal Product Manufacturer in India and it is offering its services for more than 15 years. We, one of the leading Herbal Exporters in India offers the goodness of herbs in the form of tablets, capsules, shots, juice, powder, etc. so that many people can consume it easily according to their requirement. This one of the best Herbal Product Companies in India owns a Herbal Land in the Sahyadri Mountains, Lonavala, Maharashtra to offer authentic herbal products worldwide. We, the top Herbal Product Manufacturers in India also have our own experienced researched team, who has done immense research and has come up with 9 product categories. This one of the best Herbal Products Exporter from India offers more than 400 herbal products and dietary supplements.

Private Labelling Service by Top Herbal Product Manufacturers in India
All these 400+ products are available for private labelling. There are 2 options in this service
– Get Our Products in Your Own Brand Name and sell in your referred country as we export to more than 30 countries
– Get your Customized Formulation done with the help of our R&D team and sell under your Own Brand Name

Herbal Medicine Exporter from India to 30+ Countries Worldwide

Herbal Hills, the top Herbal Product Manufacturers in India, exports to more than 30 countries worldwide such as Ghana, Srilanka, Ukraine, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, etc.
The product range it includes is Ayurvedic powder, Green food supplements, Personal care products, Herbal juice, Ayurvedic Formulation, Single herb, Herbal coffee, and tea.

To provide brief knowledge we have various Blogs & Videos. For more details about the company, please see the Company Corporate Video.

Our Product Range

1. Ayurvedic herbal Powder

All the Ayurvedic herbs have been chosen with the immense knowledge of ancient Ayurveda. Our R&D team has analyzed some herbs quoted in conventional texts with their medicinal properties and introduced them as Herbal Powders. These hand-picked herbs are traditionally cultivated in the own farm. However, some of the herbs are source from a trusted facility, which assures supreme quality. After the classic cultivation method, this one of the acclaimed Herbal Product Manufacturers in India process them under a top-notched manufacturing unite to enhance its quality. Prepared at Herbal Product Manufacturers in India, these herbal powders are 100% natural, pure and vegan. Being free from synthetic additives, destructive colors, chemicals, pesticides and other toxic substances, these herbal powders are safe to consume by every individual. With the capacity of fighting for various health ailments, these herbal powder are great for daily uses.

2. Green Food Supplement

This one of the acclaimed Herbal Product Manufacturers in India owns an Organic land in the Sahyadri Mountains. To maintain the optimum purity and nutritional value, this herbal healthcare products manufacturer has opted for traditional cultivation and harvestation. And so, all these organic green food supplements are rich in nutrients and medicinal properties. Additionally, to provide the best source of nutrition, this one of the leading herbal products manufacturers in India has come up with 2 Novel Green Superfood FormulasFirst is Vegetable tabletwhich is a combination of 7 organic vegetables like Cabbage, Spinach, Parsley, Carrot, Beetroot, Methi leaves. However, the second one is Greenhills that contains green food supplements such as Wheatgrass, Barley grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, flax seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds.

Other Nutrient-Rich Green Food Supplements available at India Wheatgrass Powder and TabletsBarley Grass Powder and Tablet, Alfalfa Powder and Tablet, Spirulina Tablets & Moringa Powder and Tablets.

3. Ayurvedic Herbal Syrup

Goodness of Herbs with Natural Flavors: The R&D team of one of the trusted Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India has done an immense research to find out the health benefits of herbal blend in a liquid form. Additionally, all this Ayurvedic herbal syrup bypasses the digestive tract and enters the blood stream to target the desired organs. They give rapid results and acts faster when combined with suitable Ayurvedic formulation in Tablet / Capsule form. These Ayurvedic herbal syrups are infused with natural flavours such as Roasted Cumin, Ginger, Pudina, etc. enhance its overall taste. Thus, we have considered as one of the leading Herbal Product Manufacturers in India

Take a Look at Numerous Ayurvedic Herbal Syrup:
blood purifier tonic – Hemohills Shotsdetox tonic – Detoxhills Shotsdigestive tonic ayurvedic – Digeshills Herbal Shotssugar control juice – Diabohills Shotsherbal medicine for heart – Chologuardhillsherbal medicine to boost immune system – Imunohillskidney tonic ayurvedic – Stonhills Shotsbest liver tonic in ayurveda – Livohillsbest brain tonic in ayurveda– Smrutihills Shotsayurvedic tonic for men – Shilajithills Suspensionayurvedic tonic for glowing skin – Hemohills Shotsweight loss tonic – Trimohills Shotsmultivitamin syrup for womens – Femohills Shots

4. Health Juice

One of the trusted and renowned Herbal Product Manufacturers in India has conceptualized and prepared the unique formation of Health Juice. The liquid form of herbal extracts is easy to consume and can rapidly enter the bloodstream to fulfill the nutritional requirement of the body. And Wheatgrass Health Juice is amongst the most effective green food and is a great choice for every age group. The herb used in the preparation of this health juice is cultivated in an immaculate environment to enhance its nutritional values. This health juice is registered under FASSAI certification and does not contain added sugar and other toxic components, helping it to be pure and safe to consume.

Wheat Grass Juice

5. Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation

The leading Herbal Product Manufacturers in India have done immense research to find out the benefits of herbal blends with bio-enhancer. Combining more relevant herbs and transforming them in tablet or capsule form adds to its effectiveness. These natural bio-enhancer act like catalysts provide the desired amount of herbal formula to the targeted organs. There are 2 types of Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations.

a. Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation with Medicated Cow Ghee:
Medicated Cow Ghee is derived from the own dairy farm to maintain its nutritional value. This medicated cow ghee act as a catalyst and target the desired organs and amplifies the results on a faster basis. Designed at eminent herbal products manufacturers in India, this Ayurvedic herbal formulation helps to improve women’s healthjoint carememory health, immune health, etc.
B. Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation with Natural Bio-enhancers: The basic concept is that we have added natural bio-enhanceralong with the ancient herbs to enhance its effectively. With the capacity of targeting the organs and offering quick effects, these natural bio-enhancers are a best solution for health improvement.

We have designed 8 novel Ayurvedic herbal formulations for various health problems. These shots are as follows.
herbal supplements for joint pain – Arthrohills Caps, herbal medicine to boost immune system – Imunohills, herbal medicine for depression – Calmhills, eye care capsules – Ocuhills, women’s health capsules – Femohills Capsules, natural memory supplements – Smrutihills Capsules, ayurvedic skin whitening capsules – Glohills Capsules, multivitamin capsules for men – Vitomanhills Men’s Health Capsules

6. Ayurvedic Herbal Juice - Ayurvedic Juice

In today’s life people are choosing Ayurveda over other alternative medicines, but they are searching for some simple Ayurvedic product, which can be added in the daily diet. And so, Isha Agro Developers has come up with Ayurvedic herbal juices to help you fulfill the nutritional need. Among the wide range of health juices, the Aloe vera, Amla and Triphala are the main pillars and base of an excellent and effective health solution. These Ayurvedic health juice are beneficial for health ailments such as digestion, heart issue, respiration, etc. Additionally, these Ayurvedic health juices that are free from harmful chemicals, colors, gluten, pesticides and another toxic ingredient to help support a healthy lifestyle. Thus, we are considered as one of the leading Herbal Product Manufacturers in India.

Aloevera JuiceAmla JuiceTriphala JuiceNoni Juice 

7. Herbal Ayurvedic Single Herbs

Herbal Ayurvedic Supplement is becoming a lifestyle product. India is following a path of western world. Instead of potent Ayurvedic churna, people are going for herbal ayurvedic supplements in tablet and capsule form. For effectiveness of single herbal supplement, the extract of the same herb is added with the powder and then encapsulated. All herbal Ayurvedic supplements are developed by using Herbal Extract and Herbal Powders to provide more concentrated medicinal properties and to increase the its potency. Every herb has an active ingredient, which is mentioned on the label with its percentage. We have wide range of herbal Ayurvedic supplements from that, most popular are as below, most popular are as below.

8. Herbal Coffee and Tea

With scientific research and traditional studies, the Herbal Hills has introduced the innovative formula of Herbal Tea and Coffee, which offer people a great combination of refreshing coffee, medicinal tea, and the goodness of herbs. The herbs used in the preparation of tea and coffee are traditionally cultivated and manually graded to offer the highly-beneficial product. These products are free from added sugar, caffeine, synthetic additive and harmful chemicals to maintain their purity at 100%. The herbal coffee is made with the blend of herbs with Chicory roots that are best known as a substitute for coffee. The rich flavor of Chicory is easy on the digestive system, nonacidic and helpful pro-biotic for natural digestive flora. The herbal tea is made in the form of tables for easy consumption of every individual.

Some of the important tea tablets are as given below:
Ayurvedic medicine for sugar control – Diabohills T Tablets, ayurvedic cough tablets – Kofhills T Tabs, healthy weight loss tablets – Trimohills T Tablets.

Major Herbal Coffee is as follows:
Brahmi Coffee for Brain HealthShatavari Coffee for Women’s health managementAswagandha Coffee for men’s health supportGarcinia Coffee for Weight Management

9. Natural Personal Care

Isha Agro Developers are keen in developing Ayurvedic cosmetics to provide skin and hair care. It is the worldwide truth that only the Ayurvedic cosmetic do not improve the inner health. And so, Isha Agro developers have combined the personal care applicants with natural personal care supplements. These supplements work on the healthy blood purificationstress management, detoxification, etc. to maintain the inner health. Along with these supplements, cosmetic manufacturers have designed a range of natural personal care products, which are free from paraben and do not support beaching process to whiten the skin. All the ingredients are 100% natural and pure.

Some of the major natural personal care products are as follows:

Glohills Soft CapsulesGlohills Lip Balm Or Lip GelGlohills Face CreamGlohills Face PackGlohills Mud PackGlohills Scrub CreamGlohills Skin LotionMilk Chandan Turmeric SoapSaffron Beauty SoapGlohills Ultra Aayu CreamGlohills Ultra Face CreamGlohills Ultra Under Eye CreamGlohills Aloe MistGlohills Aloevera GelGlohills Face Acne Gel- Glohills Skin Intense Repair CreamGlohills Cleansing MilkGlohills Sun Pro LotionKeshohills Hair WashKeshohills OilKeshohills Hair PackKeshohills TabletsKeshohills Hair SerumKesho Forte Hair OilKeshohills Hair Toner

Our ServicesHerbal Hills Global provides various services for Global market, which also helps to create their brand names.

1. Private Labeling: Herbal Hills Global have more than 300 Ayurvedic and Herbal Products, which are available for Private Labeling service. You can either change the whole formulation or just opt to change the concentration of specific herbs.

2. Personalized Product License Facility: We obtain separate product licenses from Food and Drug Authority of Maharashtra on the behalf of our clients. Our dedicated team gives assistance in obtaining product license for your personalized products at reasonable charges.

3. Experience R & D Team: We have the In-house and well-equipped Quality control lab and R&D team to help you formulate customized Ayurvedic & herbal formulations.

4. Customized Label & Promotional Material Designing: In-house design team helps you to create your own customized product label designs and promotional materials for free of costs.

5. Varied Packaging Options: Our Packing team makes available various packaging options as per the customer’s needs.

6. Logistic Department: Our Hi-Tech Logistics System provides competent packaging and efficient transport services with better price and time-bound delivery service.

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